Yisrael Valis: The Police Lied — Anyone Surprised?

This comment, from my friend Moshe, is far too important to remain in the comment thread. Those fluent in Hebrew can follow the link and read the transcript excerpts for themselves…


I don’t have the full protocol in front of me, but from todays court hearing it seems that the Police lied to the press.

Basically, according to the police, the father admitted his guilt to one person – a police officer by the name of Brikman – the fellow mentioned in article above. He did not admit guilt to anyone else. Only to Brikman. When interrogated by the policewoman, he denied everything, and that is all written up in the police report.

After he admitted his guilt to Brikman, the policewoman was interviewed by the press (TV, radio, newspaper), and she told them that the Father told her that the child was born with a disability, and ‘he didn’t want him’.

It seems that the Father said no such thing, and she made up the statement in order to smear the father. Additionally, she claimed that the ‘she couldn’t handle hearing the Fathers description [of beating his child]’.

Unfortunately for her, not only could she not handle it – she never heard it at all, and she admitted that fact on the witness stand.

Info from part of the protocol found here:

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6 Responses

  1. Amanda Rush says:

    Please tell me the State of Israel has some sort of system for dealing with police who lie in police reports.

  2. HILLEL says:

    The problem is that the “correction” will never catch up with the original impression in the minds of most people.

    Valis will be forever tarred with the brush of “child abuser,” and those who sought to defend him will forever be seen as cold-blooded, doctrinaire partisans.

    The only way that this blood-libel can be rectified–at least partially–is for Valis to bring charges of defamation against the lying Police, and then to win a huge court settlement, at least as large as the one awarded to the homosexuals who sued Mayor Uri Lopulianski for not helping them conduct their “GAY-PRIDE” parade last year.

  3. Amanda Rush says:

    Will those who defended him be willing to help him raise the money for a lawsuit like that, or maybe he can find a lawyer that will take the case for free?

  4. Moshe says:

    I don’t understand:

    Why the shallowness? Just because the police lied does not mean he is innocent. Let’s wait and see how this turns out.

    I think it is important to point out police abuses of the legal system. However, it is also important to be 100% sure that child killers are not walking the streets. Is Vallis a murdered? I sure hope not – but – a child is dead, of what is commonly known as Shaken Baby Syndrome, and he was alone with him when the baby was injured. He is reported as acting suspiciously when EMT’s arrived. This needs to be fully investigated and not simply ignored b/c the Israeli police have done a fine job of incriminating themselves in baseless falsehoods and hatred.

  5. Yaakov Menken says:

    Moshe — how can you write that the child is dead of Shaken Baby Syndrome, when you were the one who provided us with the link to the Pediatric Neurosurgeon’s report that the baby did not have Shaken Baby Syndrome? [The report seems to no longer be on that page. Any idea where it is now?]

    Of course he could still be guilty. But with a cop willing to provide such a falsified account to the press, it is becoming more and more believable that he was railroaded. Yes, the Israeli police have incriminated themselves.

  6. Moshe says:

    Again, I want to stress that the evidence points to shaken baby syndrome. The neurological report simply stated that it was possible to have the symptoms without actually being shaken. I’ll see if I can find the link to the report.

    The report seems to have been removed, so I’ll quote what I wrote when I saw the report:
    I have seen the medical reports (here: http://hydepark.hevre.co.il/hydepark/topic.asp?whichpage=9&topic_id=1867614) of the professor brought by the family to check the infant, a”h. The professor concludes his report by saying that it is possible that the injuries were not caused intentionally. He also writes that he cannot rule out that the injury was intentional. As such, it would seem that there is at least enough doubt that the police can investigate the crime, and that it may not be so clear that the father doesn’t belong in jail.

    And the following is from the thread on HydePark:
    בעמוד 2 של המסמך לקראת הסוף, דוקטור שחר פרנקל, מומחה לרפואת
    עיניים לילדים , מציין באופן מפורש שהסמנים בתינוק כפי שמופעים מתאמים

    “On the 2nd page of the report towards the end, Dr. Shachar Frankel, specializing in pediatric opthalmology, clearly states that the signs on the baby were consistant with Shaken Baby Syndrome”

    As such, I think it is clear that the baby died of shaken baby syndrome – although the neurological expert hired by the family has claimed that it may be that the injuries were inflicted unintentionally.

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