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2 Responses

  1. bvw says:

    I think that the very deep sense of the spritual each Jew has acts like compass’s needle — one end points true, the other perfectly away from the true. Without a marking on the face of the compass one can easily pick the perfectly wrong direction.

  2. Lisa says:

    The “alternative reading” for Yom Kippur is provided as an alternative in Conservative machzorim as well. This is hardly a Reform issue alone.

    Speaking as a frum Jew who is gay, I find this “alternative reading” to be utterly offensive both from a Torah perspective and from a gay perspective. From a Torah perspective, the idea of omitting part of Hashem’s commandments because some people take affront to them is ludicrous. If one of the mitzvot bothers someone, they need to work on that. You don’t try to change the Torah to make it over in your own personal image. And from a gay perspective, I don’t engage in any activities which are contrary to halakha. Changing the reading on Yom Kippur ostensibly to protect my feelings and the feelings of others like me, far from being kind, is an accusation. It is a statement of, “These are things that you do, and we just want to be nice about it.” I resent that. It’s actually even worse than a full-on accusation, because it’s hidden behind a facade of “caring”. It gives nothing that can be argued with.

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