Nonoo Is Good News

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3 Responses

  1. DovBear says:

    We aren’t “hosted” in America. Perhaps we’re guests from the perspective of your hashkofa, but from the perspective of the country itself we’re free and equal citizens.

    And no, I am not “saddened by the introduction of brazenly immodest Western styles and the devaluation of women’s dignity, etc,” because if your ideas about women are the right ideas (as I think they are, mostly,) they will prevail in a free marketplace of ideas.

    I don’t think the Torah’s ideas are bad ideas, and for this reason I don’t think we have anything to fear from a free and open society. In the end truth will out – the best argument wins – and when the truth wins on its own merits it acquires legitimacy, which is something no ruler can impose.

  2. Shira Schmidt says:

    Thank you for drawing our attention to this essay. Your summary articulates many inchoate feelings and ideas that I have had on the subject.

  3. Yirmeyahu says:

    I believe DovBear’s assertion that the best ideas will dominate via survival of the fittest in the market place of ideas is over simplistic imho.

    For example, the health problems associated with smoking have been known for decades. Nevertheless even with heavy government restrictions and deterrent taxes people continually start this destructive habit which you have to accustom yourself to before you find it at all enjoyable.

    The point is that people’s decisions are influenced by much more than objective evaluation of the facts. Add on to this that something such as how one dresses, or lack thereof, often has ideological overtones which can be even further insolated from critical evaluation, the simple fact that someone CAN make a better choice for themselves doesn’t mean they WILL.

    The question then becomes to what extant can/should society protect itself from the irrational whims of an individual “rights” real or self professed.

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