Wake Up and Smell the Bigotry

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  1. Zev says:

    “I don’t think we should jump and shout “anti-Semitism” every time we see it.”

    My point wasn’t that we shouldn’t shout anti-Semitism *when we see it*. My point was that not every instance of opposition to Orthodox Jews is a result of anti-Semitism. I believe that the opposition at Airmont is not an example of anti-Semitism. I have no doubt that the Airmontonians would re-act in precisely the same way if someone would try to open a seminary for Hare Krishnas, or an actively prosletysing church of evangelical, born-again Christians, or a mosque of Wahhabist bent, along with a large housing complex for its fundamentalist congregants. And you know what? You too would be against these people moving en masse into your neighborhood, and so (definitely!) would the chasidim who are presently marching under the banner of pluralism.

    Be honest. What Airmont is against is an influx of people who will bring radical, perhaps unpleasant, change to their neighborhood and their way of life. You may not like being grouped in their minds with Hare Krishnas and the like, but that does not make those who think of you that way into anti-Semites.

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