Change ‘R Us

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  1. David says:

    I know that it was a rhetorical question but I give the Conservative movement 5 to 10 years maximum before they accept gay marriage. Oddly enough, they will probably do that before they officially accept patralineal descent. I give that another 15 to 20 years.

  2. Thank you, Rabbi Adlerstein, for your kind words about my blog. That said, I need to write three short sentences about my own affiliation, because Rabbi Adlerstein made the connection explicit. I try in my own blog to avoid implying “guilt (or innocent) by association,” as I fear Rabbi Adlerstein has done in his response by citing an incident that took place twenty-one years ago in connection to my post.

    For what it’s worth, I tow my own intellectual & ideological line, not that of any employer. My affiliation to the UJ is of the non-stipendiary variety, via its Sigi Ziering Institute; I am not a UJ faculty member this year, though I have been in the past, as a lecturer in the non-sectarian undergraduate program. In any event, the UJ teaching staff includes all streams of Jewish thought–orthodox, Conservative, Reform, renewal, etc. (I would write more about this, but I don’t want anyone to think that I “protest too much.”)

  3. Intriguingly, Shira Schmidt has turned my evidence-backed observation into a criticism, writing,

    Now we are criticized for changing too much (rightward shift). Seems we’re darned if we do, and darned if we don’t.

    An observation that a movement has shifted to the right (or to the left, for that matter) is not per se a charge or a criticism. It is an observation. It always is interesting to me to see people bristle when such observations are made and react against perceived criticisms that aren’t coming from the observer (but may be coming from elsewhere).

  4. Sholom Simon says:

    Shawn Landres: maybe it wasn’t you who made the criticism, but every O Jew who engages in multi-denominational dialogue has experienced this double-barrelled criticism: Orthodoxy is criticized for being too rigid; and also that Orthodoxy is criticized for hypocritically asserting that C and R change too much while ignoring their own changes. I think that’s what the writer meant by “Seems we’re darned if we do, and darned if we don’t.”

  5. Reb Yudel says:

    Just for the record: Mr. Zimmerman’s name is Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham v’Rachel Riva.

  1. January 19, 2005

    […] s found before, but in smaller numbers – not unlike the colors of Biston betularia. 2. R’ Yitzchak Adlerstein used a different analogy: A tree is remarkably resil […]

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