Faux Change?

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  1. What is “traditional European” orthodoxy? The evidence provided by scholars such as Lupovitch and Ellenson (for references see my comments on Shira Schmidt’s post) suggests that there was not one essential European orthodoxy. And contra your claim that the Status Quo Ante party was “the most traditional form” is Lupovitch’s observation that “from an ideological standpoint, the Status Quo movement appears to be little more than a mélange of communities and congregations drawn randomly from across a wide spectrum of religious observance with no apparent coherence” (p. 124).

  1. January 19, 2005

    […] 7;s Torah scholarship.) OK, some of the “changing Orthodoxy” comments: 1. Yaakov Menken spoke of changes in the percentages of dark vs. light peppered moths […]

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