Bas Mitzvah: “Today I am a boy.”

Beautiful post: identity, equality, sameness, femininity, tznius, materialism, peer-pressure, etc. All a web of intertwined issues which are involved in so many day-to-day decisions we make as individuals, but really threaten to overwhelm sensitive people when they come in the form of parenting questions. You’ve managed to impart in one post a microcosm of the almost irresistable siren song of the golden golus.

Perhaps your concern about blogging should instead give the men among us pause – maybe it is altogether better suited to femininity – in my experience, girls and women are more likely to keep journals than boys and men.

As for tznius, perhaps anonymity would have put that concern to rest (too late), but I urge you to continue – the feminine voice is so overwhelmed in society by the masculine and feminist voices that we all need it; and deep down, I think we all long for it.

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