Sore point III…

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3 Responses

  1. David Brand says:

    I’m sure that was tongue-in-cheek. We all know that the ADL raises money by pointing to outside groups that defame us. I’m not sure how much traction they would get among their primarliy non-frum donor base raising money to stop their VERY OWN lies.

    On a separate but not completely unrelated note, perhaps someone will one day develop the technology to make expressions of things like sarcasm and irony appear in a lucid way (well, for those who can’t otherwise express it in prose) over the internet. I’ve seen many fights break out simply because people aren’t able figure out when people are just joking. On the other hand, you’re probably thinking that about me right now.
    David Brand

  2. Isaac says:

    Heh. How about proposing a JAT-style letter-writing campaign to Foxman? That is, propose that people write letters to Foxman.

  3. web surfer says:

    Do a quick google search and you will lots and lots of Orthodox statements that prove the Reform perspective.
    Below is a recent quote from Rabbi M.D. Tendler as reported in the official paer of YU.

    “Expressing his angst at the problem that the Conservative and Reform movements pose for Torah Judaism, Tendler expressed his belief that these liberal movements are “no longer part of the stock; no longer part of the tree of Judaism” in light of their “aggressive” attitude in claiming that Orthodox Jews are outcasts and that they now represent “true Judaism.” According to Tendler, Reform Judaism is “no longer a Jewish faith,” and Conservative Jews “don’t know who they are” by denying the halakhic process. Tendler went on to caution that it is inappropriate for Torah Jews to participate in Conservative prayer services, fearing that it might lead to legitimization of their dogma.”

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