Jonathan doth protest too much

Jonathan, with all respect to your friend, the blog Time named best blog of the year (Powerline) and my own favorite blog (Nat’l Review Online’s “The Corner”) both follow the format we’re now adopting.

It was adopted, let’s be clear about this, based on serious halachic concerns – for example, being a platform for all kinds of violations of shmiras haloshon. It absolutely is not conscionable, for example, for us to be responsible for someone’s motzi sheim ra being on the Internet even if it subsequently (one minute or one hour or one day later makes little difference) is removed.

Our blog will be successful if the content draws people – it doesn’t have to be and, imnsho, shouldn’t be a chat room.

Readers can comment and we then have the option of a) responding directly to the reader, or b) posting the substance of the comment because it adds to the blog, or c) none of the above.

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1 Response

  1. Fotheringay-Phipps says:

    Serious mistake. Wise words from Johnathan Rosenblum – people are not going to read the blog just to see what you have to say. At least I won’t. Nonetheless, I do wish you continued success.

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