Scary Thoughts

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2 Responses

  1. DMZ says:

    I actually discovered this place as a result of Greg’s blog. He’s quite the writer himself, and a real heavyweight, being on Shomrei’s board and all!

    I do share Greg’s thoughts on censorship problems. How do you balance the stringent laws of lashon hara with the fact that problems in the community don’t get solved until they’re fully in the public eye? The truth is, even the whole anti-spouse-abuse campaign got hammered by people swearing up and down that it was lashon hara.

    Or, to put the problem more succinctly: how do you handle lashon hara while speaking out for social change? As another blogger, I would really appreciate your thoughts, R’ Menken.

  2. The censorship issue is so real, and such a potential problem that it scares me.
    Most people who discuss and think about their problems in emuna and.or in practice find answers.
    Most who don’t, wind up hurting themselves and others.

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