Our Own Private Passover

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  1. L Oberstein says:

    We owe gratitude to Rabbi Avi Shafran and all those who encourage survivors to write and publish their stories. I found his father in law’s book fscinating and look forward to learning more about his father’s saga. I heard that the Bielski Brothers , whose explots during the war have now become a motion picture, lived lives of anonymity after the war. People had no idea what they had done. Likewise, until I read Chaim Shapiro’s autobiography, I only knew him as a shochet who was a landsman from Tiktin. Today’s youth needs to hear the unvarnished stories of those who survived the inferno.
    One thing we must be vigilant for however is the falsification of history by those with an agenda. Factual accounts by the actual survivor are probably more loyal to what really happened than the semi-fictional versions that are politically(religiously) correct and from which anythng that is not in line with current dogma has been edpunged. L’maan ho emes, we need more first person narratives that tell the whole story.

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