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Fatheringay-Phipps is quite worked up about about my opposition to the name Yishmael and has done research to prove that the name was in long-time use among the Jews. He may be right, but in today’s day and age, I don’t think it’s a good idea. As for the name Elishama, I don’t think it is weird, and he can always call himself Eli, except for when he is being called to the Torah. I do have one question for our esteemed commentator. What kind of name is Fotheringay-Phipps for a good Jewish boy?

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2 Responses

  1. Fotheringay-Phipps says:

    I’m sorry if I came across as being “quite worked up”. Your assertion was an interesting one, and you made it without any apparent source, so I did a little checking myself. No biggie.

    I don’t disagree about “today’s day and age” and I think I said as much in my comment.

    Hey, one thing I can tell you about Elishama – I’m glad my parents didn’t give me that name, “Eli” and all. I would much rather get some good old run-of-the-mill name, like “Yacov Yosef” or something.

    Cyril Fotheringay-Phipps (aka “Barmy”) was a Drones Club regular.

  2. Simcha says:

    My wife suggested that Shimon might be more “normal” and still retain the idea of God hearing.

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