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Why We Are All ID Dummies

Oh dear. At least one can say in favor of this posting that it’s accurately titled. Beyond that, it reminds me how important it is, including for rabbis, to hesistate to express opinions on...


Do chareidim use their heads?

In my 300-page book about the Slifkin affair, of which only a few pages will ever be written, I said that I would try to answer a few questions. Two that I want to...


Richuk Karovim II

My posting on the Slifkin matter has generated thoughtful comments that raise significant questions. I would like to elaborate on what I wrote previously and also indicate that a somewhat extended discussion of my...


Richuk Karovim

I have not read any of Rabbi Nosson Slifkinís books but if I had, I doubt that I would be competent to judge the validity of his science or, for that matter, his hashkafah....

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