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Annual Rosh Hashanah Shiur

I’m announcing this one with embarrassment. I had hoped to have completed a move to Yerushalayim by now, but it hasn’t happened. (We have not yet rented out our house in LA, and that...

Statues of Limitation

It’s safe to say that many of us are less than exercised over the public debate about Confederate-era statues on public lands. It may animate those with a dog in the race, so to...


Kate Millett’s Legacy

She may rest in peace, but not the many whose lives became road-kill to her revolutionary zeal. She plied her doctoral dissertation into the best-selling Sexual Politics, roundly critiqued for its shallowness and inaccuracy....


More on Smartphones

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein’s article, How Bad Are Smartphones?, provides much food for thought. The often unnoticed yet acute damage which smartphone addiction causes needs to be considered and addressed. I would like to expand...


Houston Relief: A Sidebar on Community

As so often happens, systems under stress yield the most information. Think of supercolliders giving us the best guesses as to the composition of “ordinary” matter. Or the really strange cases in the gemara...


Houston Relief: Update

Lots of hungry people in Houston are now being fed. As reported here earlier, the Dallas community assumed responsibility for providing fresh meals, coordinating with HKA – Houston Kashruth Association. Three caterers in Dallas...

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