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Our Not-So-Humble Opinions

So often we seem to feel a need to embrace absolute, take-no-prisoners political opinions; to reject any possibility of ambivalence, much less any admission of ignorance.


“Diplomacy in Action,” or Anti-Semitic Tripe?

“Israeli law also restricted the ability of Israeli Jews to reach places of worship in areas under Palestinian control.” This was perhaps the biggest howler of the U.S. State Department’s annual exercise in Israel-bashing,...


Academic Freedom In Action

Yediot Achronot declares, “The Education Ministry’s chief scientist, Dr. Gavriel Avital, was dismissed on Monday following a scandal-filled trial period of less than a year.” What was the great scandal? Did he embezzle money,...


Angel at the Gap

Over 45 years ago, Don Ritchie and his wife Moya purchased a house overlooking the Gap, the cliffs at Sydney Harbour. The Gap offers amazing views, and a tragic history – every year, about...


Fine Fiction at Yediot

From the Yediot Achronot, we learn that “We yeshiva students barely study.” According to their report, an unidentified kollel student showed up in their offices and proceeded to spend an hour or two ragging...


IRAC by the Numbers

In a recent post, I asserted that IRAC — the Israel Religious Action Center, affiliated with the Reform movement — was spending its money fighting Orthodox Judaism, and failing to provide a full and...

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