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Angel at the Gap

Over 45 years ago, Don Ritchie and his wife Moya purchased a house overlooking the Gap, the cliffs at Sydney Harbour. The Gap offers amazing views, and a tragic history – every year, about...


Fine Fiction at Yediot

From the Yediot Achronot, we learn that “We yeshiva students barely study.” According to their report, an unidentified kollel student showed up in their offices and proceeded to spend an hour or two ragging...


The Internet and the Orthodox Teen

Yesterday evening, Baltimore was host to a sober and honest analysis of the risks posed by new technology for teenagers, especially Orthodox ones. And to give away the plot, the conclusion was that the...


Wrong Team on the Wrong Field

Another confrontation is brewing, as Israel’s Education Minister intends to reduce funding to schools which do not teach a “core curriculum” — including Charedi schools, despite recent tests in which Charedi students demonstrated superior...


Shoot First, Ask Questions Never

The following statement barely needs comment. Blogs operate without such outdated concepts as fact-checking and seeking comment from both sides… and statements such as this one are the inevitable if sad result: Statement of...

Valuing Values

With the summer came yet another judicial salvo aimed at the idea that certain values rooted in religious tradition are rightfully reflected in secular law.


The Burqa Quandary, Continued

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the quandary posed for Torah Jews by the bans on the wearing of the burqa being debated in Europe. Not surprisingly, the Orthodox world has spawned its own...


Smelly Justice

In this week’s Torah reading, Parshas Shoftim in Deuteronomy, Israel is commanded to have judges and officers, those who maintain both justice and order. A judge in particular is required to be entirely unbiased,...

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