Author: Jonathan Rosenblum


Asking the Right Questions

The Shofar blasts, writes the Rambam, are meant to awaken us from our slumber. Teru’a reminds us of something being shattered. What is being shattered (or should be)? We are – – as we...


A General Theory of Just About Everything

Now that recluse mathematician Grigory Perelman has proven Poincaire’s Conjecture, only a few longstanding conundrums remain to be solved. To name two: Why do Western societies inevitably tend towards appeasement? Why has anti-Semitism migrated...


On Judging our Leaders

“Do not judge your friend until you reach his place,” (Avos 2:5 ). Presumably that rule also applies to national leaders. True, every democratically elected leader knows that criticism goes with the job. But...


England’s Cognitive Dissonance

Britons have finally awakened to the fact that they have a serious Muslim problem in their midst. According to a recent Telegraph YouGov poll, 53% of Britons view Islam as a threat to society....


Reform Youth –Cont’d

I just had a look at the full text of the statement of Reform youth leaders, not just the parts that have been widely quoted. It is not only the ready acquiescence in Amnesty...


Elul for All

With the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul, the Shofar blasts sound at the conclusion of the morning prayers. As described by Maimonides, these blasts arouse us from the slumber and force us...

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