Is The Democratic Party Going European? — Cont’d

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2 Responses

  1. Seth Gordon says:

    It is true that there are a number of noisy Democrats who say nasty things about Israel and/or Jews, and as a Democrat, I don’t like it. (I’m not sure how much of this is untainted anti-Zionism, how much is true antisemitism and how much of it is what Orwell called “transposed nationalism”, romanticizing the Palestinians as A People Who Can Do No Wrong.) But the noise they can make is way out of proportion to their influence on the party. I don’t see this antisemitism affecting the positions taken by national Democratic politicians. Even among liberal Democratic bloggers, these attitudes are not the norm.

    See, for example, this posting by Billmon, someone who is philosophically opposed to Zionism: “Watching the Dems line up to salute the Israeli war machine, hearing the uncomfortable and awkward silence descend on most of Left Blogistan once the bombs started falling in Lebanon, seeing how easily the same Orwellian propaganda tricks worked their magic on the pseudoliberals — all this doesn’t leave too much room for doubt. As long as World War III can be sold as protecting the security and survival of the Jewish state, I suspect the overwhelming majority of Democrats, or at least the overwhelming majority of Democratic politicians, will support it.”

    The Mearsheimer/Walt paper on the “Israel Lobby” got a very skeptical reaction from the liberal Democratic blogs that I read. See here and here, for example. And by the way, Mearsheimer himself is a Republican who voted for Bush in 2000.

  2. YM says:

    After 9.11, there were two ways to approach the Arab world that the US could have taken. One is the path actually taken, an agressive approach that blames the Arab world for not recognizing Israel and that says the gripes that the Arab world has the with the USA are illegitmate. The other approach says that the Arab world has legitmate gripes, the major one being Israel, the land that the Jews “stole” from its legitmate inhabitants, the Arabs. For years leading up to 9.11, the USA finessed this, but after 9.11 it is difficult to impossible to finesse this. To my mind, if you oppose the war in Iraq, which the bulk of the Democratic party does,you are definitely on the road to taking the second approach.

    I personally support the war in Iraq, and voted for a Republican for President for only the second time since I turned 18 because of Kerry’s opposition to the War expressed during the campeign (I voted for Reagan over Mondale in 1984). If the election were re-held today I would still vote for Bush; there simply is no other choice if you support the legitmacy of Israel’s existance as a Jewish state. A so-called “smart” approach to terrorism involving intellegence, economic sanctions, isolating extremist Moslems from mainstream Moslems, etc, that would be supported by the UN and the international community would require the US to sell out Israel as part of the cost of getting “mainstream” Moslems to support it.

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