Open Orthodoxy Update, Parshas Tzav

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8 Responses

  1. Ralph Suiskind says:

    Slippery slope. Without full adherence to the the mesorah, all is lost. Open Orthodoxy follows in the footsteps of all deviant movements of the past. Touched by the brilliance and eloquence of the leaders , many undoubtedly will be led astray from the living a wholesomeness life of the joys of Torah observance.
    Just take a glance a reality of the social havoc that has taken hold of much of our generation!!!!!!!!!

  2. Truth says:

    2 points about Rav Zalman Nechemia’s letter –
    1) Why is the name of the person being censored? Rav Zalman Nechemia states in his letter that he wants this letter to be publicized all over so that people don’t rely on his psakim. Obviously in RZN’s intention that the name be publicized
    2) My reading is that he is revoking the smicha for “being a rav in chovevei torah”, ie for teaching in that institution.

  3. David F says:

    Reading this is eerily reminiscent of how I used to feel when reading the papers written by my daughter’s first grade students. The youngsters did their very best. Some managed to stay within the lines. Some strung together longer sentences than others. None, however, managed to actually write anything of real value.
    Reading the positions espoused by the OO clergy and representatives gives me the same feeling. They try hard and probably mean well, but ultimately, their output is rather childish and unsophisticated. Claiming that Vashti, a vile, immoral, and cruel tyrant, was a hero, is nothing short of silly.

  4. Bob Miller says:

    “A Maharat who serves as clergy at an Orthodox Union member synagogue, claims that Vashti is a hero of the Megillah.” Anybody with an agenda can turn a narrative fromTanach on its head. Ms. Maharat needs to review Reform and Conservative output from the 1970’s to perfect her subversive interpretations and write really creative faux-midrashim. She can then stand out in the crowded field.

    OO is open to a lot of cultural borrowings but not to the true Jewish concept of Mesorah that would put limits to their quest for liberal approval. Moshe Rabbeinu did not bring us an à la carte menu.

  5. lacosta says:

    on the last case, of the YCT clergyman who now states he is no longer O and joins the staff of IKAR—the cheif ‘rabbi’ of that institution is an arch leftist who supports the womens march [and has the back of its spokesman who support philo-semites like Farrakan and Hamas]. it is a short jump from there to anti-zionism…

  6. David z says:

    Ummm if rabbi Goldberg wanted is to know what rabbi lost his smikha why is it blanked out?

  7. Shlomo says:

    Thank you for posting these. Many of us don’t really know what is happening out there. It is important to see just how far OO has gone from anything remotely looking like Orthodoxy, so we can better protect people from falling into this non Orthodox movement.

  8. mavin says:

    Who do these apikorsim think they’re fooling? Anyone with an IQ above 10 knows that they’re definitely not Orthodox. This is just another form of the Reform movement, trying their best for the last couple of hundred years to dissolve Yiddishkeit. Just getting worse by the day and that’s why it has to disappear, because people are not that stupid and eventually they catch on and see the lies and complete emptiness of this new mishagas.

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