Loose Ends

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2 Responses

  1. Heshy Bulman says:

    Kudos to Rabbi Menken for another insightful article. There is no question in my mind that he is absolutely correct – while America at large has been cut adrift from Moral Rectitude as espoused by Torah, it has overwhelmingly been at the hands of Liberal progressives in the Democratic party. There is a reason that the majority of Baalei Teshuva – at least who are politically aware – begin to feel a natural affinity for Conservative Republicanism despite what is often a former tendency towards the espousal of Liberal principles. I would urge Rabbi Shafran and others to read the article linked to here for a crystal clear picture of Frum voting habits over the past five Presidential elections. Torah true Jews have an instinct – they are not all listening to Conservative talk radio and, despite what some of their leaders are telling them, they are not all on the take for Democrat party goodies.


  2. Bob Miller says:

    We have another problem, which is evident in the near-paralysis of Congress. Apart from the ideological chasm between the parties as discussed in this piece, we also have the unifying factor of venality that favors the status quo across the board. The only way to explain certain actions or inactions is that elected officials have been bought and paid for by contributors with agendas.

    If we want to be a shining example of the opposite approach, practical fidelity to correct principles, let’s work extra hard to perfect our individual and communal lives in the service of HaShem. General society and its government need a strong counterexample to pervasive corruption, and it’s our job to provide it.

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