Is a Blog the Ultimate Bully Pulpit?

I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

That way I can hype a new weekly shiur on a sefer very close to heart: Nesivos Shalom. I don’t fully understand why people don’t just pick it up and learn it on their own, instead of asking for translations. Maybe Artscroll has spoiled us. In any event, starting with Parshas Noach, there will be a weekly adaptation of some piece of the Slonimer Rebbe zt”l, available through Project Genesis –

I know the fellow who is writing the essays too well to give my unqualified support, but you may find something of interest anyway.

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:


  2. Danny Rubin says:

    Rabbi Adlerstein,

    I don’t know if Art Scroll has spoiled but you certainly have. I always appreciate your descriptive reccommendations. Would you mind sharing why Nesivos Shalom is near and dear to your heart and what distinguishes it from other Peirushim on Chumas?-Thank you

  3. Aaron Bleeman says:

    Dear R’ Yitzchok,

    I enjoyed your shiur in English and then enjoyed learning the original even more.

    Aaron Bleeman

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