Preparing for Pesach Again – Thank God

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3 Responses

  1. larry says:

    I greatly respect your tremendous devotion to mitzvot.  As a favor to me, perhaps next year follow Rav Aviner’s advice and complete your cleaning in less than a day.

    Then serve HaShem at the seder with full strength, with reserves of energy, with joy and enthusiasm that is lacking in one who is physically exhausted.  This will allow you to reminisce about time spent with family instead of time spent with a broom.  Chag Kasher v’Sameach.

  2. mycroft says:

    As one who has a Medicare Card in my wallet  Rabbi Gordimer’s thoughts were in general my thoughts. I especially enjoyed reading this it shows a different Rabbi Gordimer than the one whose role he often assumes-one who should more often write on Yahadus that has nothing to do with OO. I once heard an answer which someone was asked in a conversation why not go after more a certain Rabbi who clearly is beyond the pale and answer stuck with me-I have limited time left-I don’t know all of Chazal, Rishonim etc that is my priority to read rather than every word of people who are not part of our mesorah. Rabbi Gordimer fine if one wishes to occasionally expose ideas you believe are masquerading as traditional Yahadus-fine- but a person who can write on much more important thoughts should do so much more often. Then you are spreading true Torah ideas. You clearly have the ability to do so.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    What a wonderful article. It summarizes all of the Mesiras Nefesh that goes into preparing for tonight.

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