Sometimes, We Get It Right

Kudos to the residents of Itamar. One of the most beautiful gestures I can remember in recent memory. Residents of Har Nof last week found this note and the accompanying gift of a chocolate bar left for them.

[Hat tip (figuratively speaking) to Dovi Adlerstein, Dallas]

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3 Responses

  1. Leah Goldsmith says:

    At a time when it seems that Am Yisrael is unraveling, the government breaking up, political upheaval, etc. Am Yisrael comes together even more kiIsh Echad BeLev Echad as Hashem gathers us from the four corners of the earth to His home. Itamar is the heart of Israel and the people there want to share their hearts with you. Please visit us, you can do so virtually too at touritamarsupportisrael or ItamarIsraelSupportGroup on facebook. Let’s come together and impact the future of Am Yisrael by fortifying our stake to nachalat avot! Chanukah Sameyach, Leah Goldsmith, Itamar Israel

  2. cvmay says:

    Please do not read this comment with hostility, disdain or sarcasm….

    Just wondering how many residents of HAR NOF know that the yishuv of Itamar exists, where it is? or what has occurred there over the last few years? Is their limited knowledge confined to Rabbi Ronsky and many of his liberal, halachic answers to IDF questions? How many have ever visited Itamar or would plan to? Just some musings….

    BTW – I have been to Itamar on a few occasions, it is a beautiful yishuv, pastoral, fresh air and wonderful, real people live there. The Goldsmith’s extended family daven in our Flatbush shul and are remarkable.

  3. yitz says:

    cvmay – Somehow, the tone of your comment rings with at least one of the 3 qualities that you asked “not to read the comment” with…but anyway, I am from Har Nof, have visited Itamar, where a nephew of mine learned as well. Everyone knows that it exists & where it is, if only (unfortunately) from the terrible massacre of the Fogel family some 3-1/2 years ago.

    On a post citing an amazing gesture of unity, and as Rav Adlerstein mentioned, “we got it right,” your comment smacks of hard-core condescension, to say the least. I think you owe Har Nof an apology for your words and tone.

    Praying for peace, love and Achdus between all parts of the Jewish People…Kol tuv and Chanuka Chag Urim Sameach!

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