Terror Comes to Our Door

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    After reading this column , many others and listening to many hespedim, I was left in awe of the Avodas HaShem of the Arbaah kedoshim.The words that had the most impact on me were those of Rebbitzen Twersky who in a sense testified that R Moshe Twersky ZL, HaShem yimkam Damo and the other Kedoshim lived and were niftar Bkedusha and Taharah. We in Chutz LaAretz should try to emulate at least one of their midos in how the kedoshim lived their lives, and realize that our lives were and are like pygmies in comparison to their lives.

  2. Sam says:

    Unfortunately, what we forget is that we have to do Hishdadlus. Leaving the front door of a Beis Hamedrash open and unguarded is utter negligence.

    I recently went to a shul on a Tuesday morning. To get in, I had to e-mail in advance a scanned copy of my passport to my friend, which he took to shul. When I arrived at shul, the thick steel doors were locked. The guard asked me for my passport, which he compared to those he had on a clipboard. As mine matched he let me in.

    Too much effort? Think of the alternatives.

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