An Inversion of Morality

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  1. DF says:

    All this talk of “World Opinion” and “the media” drives me crazy. WHO SAYS world opinion is against Israel? The Prime Minister of Canada’s opinion doesn’t count? Even Obama’s statements, though not as good as we’d like, cannot be called “insane.” Same with “the media” bogeyman. Fox News reaches millions more people than any of the other networks – has their treatment of the situation been so terrible?

    Doesn’t JR see? I’m not advising we pretend opposition doesn’t exist by listening only to our supporters, but focusing only and incessantly on the opinions of the left, and ignoring the right, only serves to give more strength to the former. There is no more such thing as “world opinion” than there is “American opinion”, which has had a nearly even divided electorate for decades. Sure, some people might think Israel is at fault, but they don’t outweigh the people in my office who have told me unsolicited [I wear a yarmulke in a very gentile office] that the UN lady is nuts, that they thought it used to be a war crime to hide weapons in hospitals, that Israel should just be let alone to finish the job – – they’re also part of “world opinion.”

    We have to take a lesson from the left. Be aware, yes, but don’t worry so much about what our implacable opponents say about us. אין מזרזין אלא מזורזין. Concentrate more on supporting those who already support us, and less on hand-wringing about what the eternal usual suspects think.

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