A Note of Clarification

I have been asked how my recent establishment of a personal website comports with my often-voiced disdain for blogs that exist only to derogate others, spread loshon horah and rechilus, attack the Jewish mesorah and belittle the Torah leadership of our time. My answer is simple: I have not done, and will not do, any of those things.

As to how my website comports with the Agudath Israel’s policy of not maintaining a website of its own, I want to state clearly that my site is, as its name conveys, an entirely personal venture. The Gedolim to which the Agudah looks for guidance have expressed their feeling that an Agudah website might be seen as a “hechsher” of the Internet, and thus would be irresponsible. I still serve as the Agudah’s director of public affairs but I also write and comment as an individual; and the site reflects that latter fact alone.

To clarify some other issues about which I’ve been asked: The site’s homepage will feature the weekly essays I have distributed for nearly 15 years, which are also posted here on Cross-Currents. There is no charge, of course, for either reading or sharing those essays with others, although I have instituted a small per-essay charge for for-profit print media re-publication of the pieces. I will also post occasional short “musings” on my website’s homepage that will not appear elsewhere, like this.

Chag kasher visame’ach!

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