Bris Milah in Europe

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4 Responses

  1. contarian says:

    It is unfortunate that when circumcision (the ikar) is coming under attack around the world, certain segments of the Jewish community are fighting tooth aand nail to allow Mohelim to perofom metzitzah b’peh(the tofel) and thus possibly infect newborns with hepres. This muddies the waters for all the defenders of bris milah

  2. Whoa Nelly says:

    Au Contraire,

    When there are those who purport to be “Rabbis” or “Jewish leaders” who lash out viciously against a part of bris milah as practiced by a goodly portion of religious Jews, the anti-circumcision crowd is emboldened and incorporates the rhetoric of those “Rabbis” and “leaders” in their own rhetoric.

    This is not conjecture, it is fact. A simple Google search (if you can stomach it) will show this to be fact. I am sure that the good Rabbis above who work for the Wiesenthal Center can forward many such examples as well from the Center’s archives.

  3. Nachum says:

    Whoa Nelly: So the babies can be allowed to die, then?

  4. Whoa Nelly says:


    Babies are not dying. It is illogical rhetoric like that that is used to spread all sorts of anti-semitism.

    There is no epidemic of babies dying as a result of Milah. There is no reliable, that’s right, no trustworthy, reliable proof that there is any higher incidence of babies suffering from HSV after MbP than children who have not had MbP.

    The “Rabbis” and others who are so virulently against MpB do not have anyone’s health in mind. They just think it s embarrassing that Jews do what they think is a taboo act. It is no such a stretch to go from this “embarrassment” to being embarrassed at Milah in its entirety. To paraphrase R’ Moshe, the reason why these activists are acting this way is because they have been infected with secular hashkofos.

    To clarify my position before you take the opportunity to distort it, clearly someone who is ill should not perform MbP, and Mohelim are aware of this and cognizant of their health. Frequently a Mohel will tell the family that he cannot perform MbP and will arrange for someone else to perform MbP. They will also decline to perform MbP where there may be a threat to the Mohel’s health. And they will guard themselves accordingly.

    Nor am I saying that every bris needs to have MbP, there are kehillos which are noheg to do metzitzah in other ways. I have no issue with that. However, it is completely out of place for these “political activist rabbis” to assert their beliefs on others. To the extent that they approach government officials and present false information just because they are embarrassed of MbP. And as evident, the embarrassment is not because health issues, rather it is because of social mores influenced by corrupt secular values. You can tell that by how they emphasize herpes to allude to a STD, which this is not.

    There are higher risks of mutilation when using clamps of various sorts to perform the milah. You do not hear the “Rabbis” calling the health department about that. In fact the clamp is much more prevalent in the communities of these same “rabbis” along with the attendant incidence of mutilation.

    If they felt there were actually health risks, they would have approached this much differently. Including perhaps having meetings with the Rabbonim of the communities that do MpB and the doctors in those communities. In fact Doctors in KJ, where there is almost 100% performance of MbP at brissos report that do not have any incidences of HSV.

    So the appropriate response to your question might be, should we let you continue to beat your children? It is in the same rhetorical vein.

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