Material on the Haggadah

Last week, I gave two shiurim that may be of interest to those who get desperate enough. I’m making them available through this post.

The first was part of a series of shiurim with serious content for women, given before every Yom Tov, and graciously hosted in the Beverly Hills area. Thanks to Mara Kochba, who is responsible not only for rallying the troops, but for twisting my arm to give it. The shiur is a potpourri of material from various seforim, all keyed to the Haggadah. Running time is about an hour.

The second was my contribution to a panel on “The Mystery of the Afikoman.” Rabbi Ruvein Wolf of Maayon Yisroel puts small groups of presenters together several times a year to not only explore different topics, but treat the audience to a diversity of opinions and approaches. I chose the incredibly elegant comments of Rav Kook in Olas Rayah, and strung them together in what I hope was an organized presentation. The original is gorgeous beyond words for anyone who can manage it; I hope I preserved a sheminis she-b’sheminis of its beauty. Running time is about 15 minutes.

בברכת חג כשר ושמח

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2 Responses

  1. Neil Harris says:

    Thank you for posting these. Have a freilichen Pesach!

  2. myron chaitovsky says:

    Thank you for both of these.
    While some of the material/presentation was familiar to me I was not aware of all of the sources.
    And the Rav Kook piece was incredibly uplifting

    Chag sameach v’kasher (reversed because with all the extra concern about kashrut on Pesach,
    we must not forget that it is yom tov and we need to be m’same’ach)

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