A Message For the Nine Days From a Moderate Muslim

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3 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    “Tarek Fatah is a nightmare for people who see things in black and white.”
    Halevai there should be more nightmares like this, on both sides of the conflict. I’m proud to see a recognition in our community that the Muslim community is not monolithic, and that we need to distinguish between those who support violence against civilians and those who do not, even if their views do not agree perfectly with ours. Kol hakavod to Rabbi Adlerstein.

  2. Raymond says:

    The only justification for calling a moslem a moderate when that same moslem supports boycotting Israel, brands Israel as an apartheid State, and says that we Jews are illegally and immorally occupying our own Jewish State, is in the sense that it is the norm within that world to be antisemitic. Such a man is not worthy of being respected by anybody who cares not only about our Jewish State, but about basic human decency.

  3. L. Oberstein says:

    As i understand it, there are many strands within Islam and the jihadis are a minority. The problem is that the funding for many mosques around the world comes from rich Saudi Arabian Wahabis who not only bild the mosque but send the Imam. Moderate Islam is being overwhelmed by the Wahabis, who are rich because we Americans drive big cars . Also, if one reads Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s books, one understands that there are core beliefs in the Koran which make modern Western civilization incompatible with the Prophet. Those who disagree are hounded and often killed. Why is there no Conservative, Reform or Modern Orthodox Islam, why are the fanatics the face of Islam when most Moslems in this country at least only want a better life for their children? I do not know if in honest truth there is much of a reform movement within Islam today as much as a move in the opposite direction.

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