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7 Responses

  1. TK Kocheran says:

    At the very least we could get Gene Simmons (aka Chaim Weitz) to get something together 😉 He seems very outspoken in his support for the Jewish State. You’re right, though, something needs to be done.

  2. aron feldman says:

    are these people so blissfully unaware that they are useful idiots for Hamas?

  3. Harry Zeitlin says:

    A perfect illustration of how we’re going about things completely wrong. We counter propaganda like this with logical arguments, thinking we’ll show “thinking people” the error of their ways. People who think already see through these lies without our help.
    This battle is being fought exclusively on the emotional channel, so I agree, we need to fight back with better music, sexier singers (we’re not preaching to the choir, but to the young, non-religious, so let’s not worry about tzniut here), faster cutting a better hook. This is a battle we’re so close to losing and we’re not supposed to rely on miracles to snatch us out of the fire at the last minute.

  4. E. Fink says:

    Freedom for Palestine. Are they not singing about freeing the Palestinians from Hamas…?

  5. Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

    Glenn Beck warned about this song Freedom for Palestine, on his now defunct Fox News TV show a few weeks ago.
    Glenn also mentioned that the wildly popular band, Coldplay,(hit song Clocks with lyrics including “Confusion never stops”) has been promoting the song and CD. (Coldplay’s lead guitarist Chris Martin is married to Gwyneth Paltrow descended from Polish rabbis on her father’s side.)

  6. Bob Miller says:

    The really distressing thing is that this stuff has an audience. In this Information Age, way too many accept mis- and disinformation as fact. Every tyranny or aspiring tyranny exploits a lack of true education and critical thought.

  7. aron feldman says:

    Daniel Lapin
    Bruce Paltrow claims to come from the Taz! But TTBOMK his wife is a gentile,so is Gwyneth

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