On the Petira of Leiby Kletzky, z”l

My apologies for not posting this early yesterday, when it was issued.



Along with all of Klal Yisroel, Agudath Israel of America joins in deeply mourning the tragic petirah of Leiby Kletzky, z”l..

The circumstances of this young boy’s death are shocking and horrifying. With broken hearts, we offer our divrei tanchumin to the members of the grieving mishpacha, and are mispallel that they have strength and fortitude.

May the incredible dedication and achdus displayed by every segment of the tzibbur over past days during the search for Leiby, z”l, be a tremendous z’chus for Leiby’s neshoma in Gan Eden.

We join the entire community in expressing our tremendous gratitude to the New York City Police Department, the FBI and local government officials for all their efforts; and we hope and trust that the perpetrator of this murder of an innocent boy will swiftly be brought to justice. And we extend our special hakoras hatov to to all the community organizations (in particular Shomrim, Hatzalah, Misaskim and Chaverim) and to the scores of volunteers from near and far who so quickly mobilized and pooled their tremendous energy and resources into the search for Leiby, z”l.

HaMakom yenachem ha’mishpacha ha’nichbada
b’soch she’ar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

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