Kiruv With Sechel

Kiruv of Israelis can’t get much better than this, I would think. Let’s see how many elements of effective presentation our readers can identify in this video. Kudos to the Ayelet HaShachar outreach organization for its cutting-edge artistry.

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6 Responses

  1. BenShaul says:

    i didn’t know you could kasher a dishwasher so easy -what up with that one?

  2. Michoel says:

    it’s a discussion. Ask your rav.

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the video, as did my kids who are old enough to follow the subtitles.

    While the charge of “parasitim” may be somewhat justified (even if harshly worded), the chasid’s refusal to take pay for the mitzvah makes a nice counter-point. Money for its own sake is simply not part of his world view.

    His continued brachos even after having the door slammed in his face was a great touch. “I want the best for you despite your feelings about me.” something that I’m sure gets lost in translation most of the time.

    Thanks for posting it.

  3. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    It all depends on what kind of dishwasher you have. Of course, the rav in the video was not poskening for you or me, he was trying to get to a minimum standard of kashrus to be mekarev this guy. We know there are people who have five dishwashers, one for milk, one for meat, ditto for Pesach, and … a guy wants to have a shtickle chazer sometimes.

  4. Dovid Kornreich says:

    THE part where the mekurav starts to overdo it and be more machmir than the rav hamachshir was also a nice humourous touch.

  5. E.R. says:

    I don’t know much about videos or kiruv but I that was a GREAT production!!! Thank you for showing us what some very creative people are doing to break down stereotypes and open peoples minds.

  6. Naomi Knobel says:

    This is fantastic. Has all the elements of interesting, funny, informative, entertaining, real-life situation, etc. etc. Kudos to a great idea and excellent production. Makes understanding the Halacha sensible and not so daunting – the part about explaing what Chametz is really all about is almost certainly the most essential part of all! Yishar Koach!!

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