“I Stand Tonight With Israel”

Glenn Beck gets it right… again. On George Soros, on the Arab countries that make up the vast majority of the Middle East, and on Israel. The quote above is at 20:50 and ends the segment.

And thank you to the person who sent in this tip!

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9 Responses

  1. aron feldman says:

    Wow! Many a so called pro Israel jewish group can learn allot from Beck

  2. Raymond says:

    I have thus far only watched the shortened version of this video, the one lasting about five minutes rather than forty minutes. But what can I say, other than that Glen Beck is fantastic. Any friend of Israel, is most definitely a friend of mine.

  3. L. Oberstein says:

    Thank you for posting the Glen Beck piece on Israel. At a time when Israel is losing support around the world and many nations plan to recognize the non-existant State of Palestine, it is good that the Christian Right and the Conservative side of the political spectrum so adamantly defend Israel. We need all the friends we can get and Glen Beck does have many people who listen to him.

    That being said, friends of Israel are not found only on the right side of the political and religious spectrum . Support for Israel is widespread in the United States. We are going through a toxic period in our political discourse and normal conversation and dialogue is being eschewed for confrontation. Even if Cross-Currents major contributors and commentors have a certain political point of view, I still think that in fairness, we should not ignore our friends who have other views. As to Glen Beck, I include a rebuttal of his position sent to me by my friends at the National Jewish Democratic Committee. You may not agree with all of their points,but they make sense to me.

    The National Jewish Democratic Council calls on Israel supporters of all political stripes to denounce the recent conspiracy theory advanced by conservative columnist Frank Gaffney and others that has been amplified by Fox News host Glenn Beck. They all have baselessly and ridiculously claimed that the United States is planning to launch a military attack against Israel.

    This bizarre theory is utterly false and dangerous for the U.S.-Israel relationship. The reality of U.S.-Israel relations is that the strategic relationship between the two countries is stronger than ever. Further, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with countless other combinations of American and Israeli government and defense officials, consistently discuss matters central to Israel’s security and U.S.-Israel strategic relations. Deeper still, there is an overwhelming bipartisan consensus within the halls of Congress that the U.S.-Israel relationship is essential to both countries’ interests.

    Pretending that these facts do not exist and denying them outright is irresponsible and dangerous, and puts the U.S.-Israel relationship in jeopardy.

    Therefore, we call upon supporters of Israel, regardless of political affiliation or ideology, to denounce this ridiculous theory and set the record straight whenever and wherever they see this theory advanced.

    The U.S.-Israel relationship depends on it.

  4. robert lebovits says:

    L. Oberstein writes “friends of Israel are not found only on the right side of the political and religious spectrum”.
    True. But the preponderance of Israel’s enemies in the geopolitical sphere today come from the Left. Moves to deligitimize the existence of Israel via the BSM movement, campus anti-Zionist propaganda, & most painfully Jewish antagonism to Israel are all activities of the liberal political stream. The Democratic Party establishment is generally pro-Israel, but not so clearly the progressive rank & file who see Arab as victims of Israeli aggression.

    In regard to setting the record straight, it’s worth acknowledging that Samantha Power, one of Pres. Obama’s security advisors & a powerful force in the Administration’s foreign policy making, has expresssed the opinion that the US should support a “new” state of Palestine – including Hamas – by redirecting it’s economic aid away from Israel & to this entity including the creation of a “momumental” defense force. No one has repudiated her position. That’s a far cry from attacking Israel, but it’s certainly not a ringing endorsement either.

  5. Raymond says:

    The very reason why I became a political conservative back when I was still a teenager, is precisely because I realized that the political Right in this country is far more pro-Israel than is the Political Left. Back then, I compared the likes of Jimmy Carter on the Left, with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan on the Right. The contrast in their differing approaches to Israel was most striking. And of course, since then, this pattern has been demonstrated to continue over and over again. Bill Clinton was not a hater of Israel, but then his politics are not all that Leftist, plus his Oslo Suicide Accords were a disaster. President Bush, for all of his supposed faults, was perhaps an even greater friend to us Jews than was President Reagan. Within Christianity itself, its conservative factions such as the Fundamentalists and the Mormons, are our very best friends, while the more liberal churches, such as the Mainline Protestant Churches, have been economically boycotting Israel. Leftist professors likewise speak out against Israel and call for economic divestment from Israel. Every single conservative radio talk show host that I listen to, are almost instinctively and so wonderfully pro-Israel. In fact, when I try hard to think of anybody who is on the Political Left and yet is pro-Israel, I have to come up either with my fellow Jews, such as Senator Joseph Lieberman or Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, or hark back to past generations, of such people as Robert Kennedy and Harry Truman, neither of whom are even alive anymore.

  6. L. Oberstein says:

    I am surprised that no one has written about how horrible it is that Glen Beck, the one who alerted America to the conspiracy has been given the hatchet job by none other than George Soros. Of course this is behind the scenes and can’t be written about in the mainstream media. Some day , when Michelle Bachmann is our President, we will have real freedom .

  7. Peter says:

    My wife, my son and I are conservative jews and have always been perplexed on why so many jews are democrats. My best christian friends are also confused that the greater number of jews are liberal/democrats, when all these progressives do is to recognize muslims more than us.

  8. L. Oberstein says:

    It is hard to argue with those who are true believers. This is why so little real debate takes place in this country or anywhere else. The parties each have their talking points and speak past one another.

    There has to be a distinction made however between serious, intelligent dialogue and making the other side look stupid. When you assume that all Democrats are stupid, unloyal to the Constitution, are dupes of the Communists, Arabs, whatever, you don’t win points for your side.

    I wish that Cross-Currents would allow more intelligent guest articles by those who have my point of view (which is of course right). i am very perplexed by the alliance between those I view as inimical to those values that I cherish and those who observe the tenets of orthodoxy. Every day, I get a large number of absoluely stupid emails which just go overboard in their vituperousnes. No one benefits when all the frum people are stuck in one corner of one party. I would say it is harmful to us both in this country and in Israel but it is hard to argue with a true believer.

  9. Raymond says:

    Peter, your question is one that many people have tried to answer. I think that there is no one single answer for this phenomenon, although I do want to point out that there is a direct correlation between the knowledge of Judaism that one has, and one’s voting patterns. More specifically, the less a Jew knows about their Jewish heritage, the more likely they are to vote Democrat. And so typically, American Jews, who overwhelmingly know nothing about Judaism, vote 75% Democrat. But among traditional, Orthodox Jews, the statistics reverse themselves: 75% of this group votes Republican. And so, the moral of the story is that we have to figure out some way to educate as many American Jews as possible, to learn some Torah. How one goes about doing that, I will leave up to the Rabbis. Meanwhile, it is incumbent upon me and every one of us, to make sure to study even a little bit of Torah, every single day.

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