Statement of the Jerusalem Beis Din

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3 Responses

  1. dovid says:

    Reb Yaakov, tisbarech min Hashamaym for making this document available. We, the public are bombarded by lies said in the names of people and institutions we look for guidance (g’dolim, batei din, etc.) and end up being utterly confused.

  2. Joe Hill says:

    Chacham Ovadia Yosef stated Lallum lost his chelek in Olam Haboah as a result of his actions.

  3. Simcha Younger says:

    It seems that the media here is so taken by Lalum’s lies, that Walla! had no problem posting the following headline:
    The Rabbinic court which yesterday publicized that the seperation of the students in Emanuel must stop, today denied the announcement.

    It requires a great deal of non-thinking to write such an impossible headline. They denied publicizing what they publicized?? The claim is not that they retracted or clarified – they simply denied what they thenselves said! “We did not say what we said yesterday” ?!?

    Presumably what they meant to say was “The claim that Lalum put forward yesterday in the name of the Rabbinical court was a lie”, as (as far as I can tell) the only announcment made earlier was by Lalum, and the Beis Din did not make any anouncement at all.

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