Statement of the Jerusalem Beis Din

Late yesterday the news services were abuzz with news of a possible settlement in L’Affaire Emmanuel, with the news that Yoav Lallum had signed an arbitration agreement with the Beis Din of HaRav Avraham David Levin. Mr. Lallum, by the agreement, had to immediately withdraw all suits with Israel’s secular High Court.

Today it emerged that Lallum manipulated the Beis Din, and its words were immediately twisted and misrepresented. Lallum has apparently told Israel Radio that the reason the Beis Din did not move forward is because none of the parents from Emanuel signed the agreement. Besides that most of them are now imprisoned due to his actions, the Beis Din made withdrawal of the Supreme Court actions a precondition. Lallum has added mocking the Beis Din to his list of offenses.

Beith Din Tsedek
28 Chayei Adam Street

Founded in the year 1978 by HaGaon Rav Levin zt”l

Ninth of Tammuz 5770 (June 21 2010)

File number 1590

Slonim of Emanuel et al (side A) vs. Yoav Lallum et al (side B)


As of now, the Beth Din has not received any notice stating that Mr. Lallum notified the Supreme Court on his alleged withdrawal of his suit against side A. This, despite the decision of the Beth Din yesterday afternoon that he is obligated to do so immediately, within three hours.

The decision of the Beth Din yesterday –that beginning this year there should be no divisions in the Chinuch Atzmai Emanuel School unless ordered by the Beth Din – has been spread to the media as if “the Beth Din supports the ruling of the Supreme Court …that the school was divided racially.” This has created an awful desecration of the Holy Name, and goes against all the Gedolei Yisrael that came out against this Supreme Court ruling.

Decision and Clarification

1. First it shall be clarified, that after Mr. Lallum signed on the letter from the Beth Din, the Beth Din agreed to enter into this issue in order to save the women from imprisonment, and also to free the men. For that reason the Beth Din required of Mr. Lallum that he withdraw all requests of the Supreme Court, such that the requests of Mr. Lallum be denied.

2. Given that it has become clear that Mr. Lallum broke the order of the Beth Din from the fourth of Tammuz (June 16 2010), and turned to the Supreme Court to judge against Chinuch Atzmai for contempt of court, to remove from it funds and to remove permission from the Emanuel parents to make a private school.

3. And given that Mr. Lallum has not complied with the Beth Din’s order yesterday to withdraw his claims from the Supreme Court, and he has made this conditional upon various conditions not in accordance with the opinion of the Beth Din, and he has misused the conclusions of the Beis Din to the media — therefore the Beth Din views this as breach of the decision of the Beth Din, and the judgement that was established between the sides today is null and void.

4. His decision of last Wednesday to turn to a secular court without any approval of the Beth Din is akin to brazen rebellion against the Torah of Moses.

5. The Beth Din clarifies that its order yesterday was not intended against side A concerning the division that was done in the school in Emanuel, in so far as no parent in Emanuel ever came to protest against this division of levels of education in the school.

6. The interpretation that was given to the media concerning yesterday’s Beth Din decision as if it supported the Supreme Court ruling or agreed that there was racism, is an utter and wicked distortion. The decision of the Beth Din – like that of all the Gedolei Yisrael – was that every decision in the management of schools shall only be according to the directives of the Gedolei Yisrael. It is Da’as Torah which decides, and none other.

N.B. Given that Mr. Lallum’s intent, in his claim, was against the administrators of the Chinuch Atzmai schools, and not specifically the parents and others in Emmanuel, thus our restraint order was entirely not directed against side A.


HaRav Avraham David Levin, Av Beth Din
HaRav Mordechai Eichler
HaRav David Yehoshua Kenig

With the Seal of the Beth Din Tsedek, Chayey Adam Street, Jerusalem

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3 Responses

  1. dovid says:

    Reb Yaakov, tisbarech min Hashamaym for making this document available. We, the public are bombarded by lies said in the names of people and institutions we look for guidance (g’dolim, batei din, etc.) and end up being utterly confused.

  2. Joe Hill says:

    Chacham Ovadia Yosef stated Lallum lost his chelek in Olam Haboah as a result of his actions.

  3. Simcha Younger says:

    It seems that the media here is so taken by Lalum’s lies, that Walla! had no problem posting the following headline:
    The Rabbinic court which yesterday publicized that the seperation of the students in Emanuel must stop, today denied the announcement.

    It requires a great deal of non-thinking to write such an impossible headline. They denied publicizing what they publicized?? The claim is not that they retracted or clarified – they simply denied what they thenselves said! “We did not say what we said yesterday” ?!?

    Presumably what they meant to say was “The claim that Lalum put forward yesterday in the name of the Rabbinical court was a lie”, as (as far as I can tell) the only announcment made earlier was by Lalum, and the Beis Din did not make any anouncement at all.

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