Tefilos for the Lynched IDF Soldiers

Six soldiers injured when they were attacked on the Mavi Marmara still need a refuah shelemah. Their names are:

Dean Ben Svetlana
Ro’ee Ben Shulamit
Daniel Lazar Ben Tina Leah
Yotam Ben Dorit
Ido Ben Ilana
Boris Ben Elaina

May HKBH quickly send them a refuah shelemah, besoch sh’ar cholei Yisrael

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4 Responses

  1. Moshe says:

    “Lynch” here is a strong term. They were wounded in combat after having been stupidly dropped into an ambush. At most this was an “attempted lynching” and even that is inappropriate. If I were black I would be offended. just as we are offended by the misuse of the term “Pogrom”.

  2. Stefan says:

    “lynch” is the very word which the Israeli soldiers themselves have used. It would be no exaggerration to describe the “humanitarians” as a lynch mob although, given that (baruch Hashem) no Israelis were killed, it would be more accurate to described the incident as an “attempted lynching”.

  3. dovid says:

    Leo Max Frank, an American Jew, was kidnapped from prison where he was serving a life sentence, and lynched. All publications that dealt with this subject used the term ‘lynch’and blacks did not take offense.

  4. Debby says:

    The word “lynch” is used differently in Hebrew and English. According to Merriam-Webster, it currently means “to hang or otherwise kill by mob action in punishment of a presumed crime or offense,” but an archaic meaning is “to beat or otherwise do physical violence to by mob action.” In Hebrew it tends to be used in the latter sense, which explains the soldiers’ choice of words.

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