Mr. Klal Yisrael

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  1. mycroft says:

    The author certainly knows more about R Yaacon than I do-butI have heard that when Rav Yaacov ZT”L was a Rav in Toronto he had warm dealings with the then Hapoel Mizrachi schul. There was not even the attacks betwwen Reform and Orthodox Rabbis. Of interest is the late Reform Rabbi Plaut would refuse to marry anyone who had a civil divorce without a get-not because he believed like we do that a get is necessary-but as achdus with Klall Israel-he wanted Jews to remain one people and to be able to marry each other. Of course, the Orthodox Rabbis didn’t call him a fake they would state simply that sadly in good faith he does not accept halacha but never attack the person as a Rasha etc.
    Decades ago when Toronto had fewer Orthodox Jews-one could find those who could simultaneously go to Camp Agudah and go to a day school where the vast majority of students were not shomer shabbos. Mr. Rothschilds comes from that generation. My impression is as the number of day schools has increased and each attracts a more specific segment of the Jewish population a lot of that unity has disappeared.
    It is well known that there are other Orthodox families that at least at one time were major givers to some Orthodox causes who would not give to all Orthodox causes-but would give to secualr causes like an Art Museum. I believe I read in a book that Rothschild was furious at such behavior

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