Geulah and Responsibility

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3 Responses

  1. mb says:

    Beautiful. Although we are still left with the conundrum with what is considered their betterment.

  2. Zvi Lampel says:

    “those who survived are depicted as having descended to the lowest levels of degradation. What made one group better than the other?”

    Rashi explains that those who did not survive were the ones who did not yearn for the redemption. Those who did yearn for the redemption–even those of the likes of Korach, Dosson and Aviram–survived. (The latter just insisted that Moshe Rabbeynu was repeating the mistake of the bnei Ephraim in trying to force the redemption before the true moment.–The Targum on פרשת שלח has Pharoah’s speaking “לבני ישראל” [about the Hebrews’ being lost in the desert] not “about” בני ישראל but “to” בני ישראל–namely to Dosson and Aviram, who had stayed behind in Egypt and then spied on the Hebrews’ movements to report them to Pharoah!)

  3. Yehoshua Mandelcorn says:

    In our own times also, of the Jews in Europe that lost their strong connection to G-d and abandoned Torah and mitzvos:
    Some went to the baptismal font and disconnected themselves from the Jewish people.
    Others were drawn to secular Zionism. Even though it was lacking in spirituality and connection to Torah and Mitzvos, it held them connected to the Jewish people.

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