Operation Cast Lead – Week III

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9 Responses

  1. Charlie Hall says:

    The Bush administration is denying that the phone call from Olmert had anything to do with the vote to abstain on the resolution.

  2. LOberstein says:

    I went to an event tonight to hear Noam Bedein, an Israeli photo journalist who lives in Sderot and runs a media center. He produces videos to show the human side of life in the shadow of rockets. He is very savy and his videos are very compelling. However, he says that there is a saying in the media “if it bleeds, it leads”. In other words when a journalist has a choice of a picture of a dead Palestinian child or a traumatized Israeli child, he goes with the image of the dead child.The picture arouses anger and does not allow understanding of how this came about.
    If one side shoots at civilians from civilian areas, how can you stop the rockets without civilian losses.
    He defined “cease fire” as we cease and they fire.
    Anyway, Israel needs all the friends it can get.

  3. Toby Katz says:

    I’m surprised that you praise the Israeli army without mentioning an amazing level of Hashgacha Pratis in the [relatively] light casualties suffered by the Israelis. Not that the army doesn’t deserve the praise — it does — but the statistics also “hide” some miracles.

    Most of the wailing in the media about Israel’s “disproportionate” response has to do with the perception that not enough Jews have died.

    (Of course they are conveniently ignoring all the casualties Israel absorbed without response for so long)

    The reporters, even while seeing the evidence in front of them, do not draw the correct inference, namely, that there is something supernatural about this disproportion.

    Of course we deeply mourn the loss of every Jewish soldier, and pray that there will be no more loss of Jewish life and that there will be even more miracles performed for us — and more open miracles. But we must acknowledge that there might have been many more losses c’v, had Our Father in Heaven not been taking care of us.

    Speaking of Jewish grief — the total Jewish mourning for one lost Jewish life easily equals the total Arab mourning for a hundred lost Arabs (since they, tragically, do not mourn death, but celebrate death). In that sense, the present war is absolutely proportionate.

    And still, we should not lose sight of the fact that our success in battle — and indeed, our very survival in the face of implacable world-wide hatred — is miraculous.

  4. Harry Maryles says:

    To me it is a no brainer. Israel is winning this time in both symbolic terms and real terms. Hamas is already crying ‘uncle’. It seems they have agreed to the terms of an Egyptian cease fire plan – sort of. If I were Israel I would ignore that and destroy every last vestige of Hamas. As a writer in a Jerusalem Post article says, they have to finish the job.

    What about the casualties? The more the merrier when it comes to Hamas terrorists. And I have little sympathy for Palestinian vitims who voted for Hamas and are sympathetic to their goals of destroying Israel. Most of those who are suffering hate the Jewish people and wish us harm. Their children are taught the same. I have a difficult time having sympathy for those ‘innocent’ victims. But to the extent that are actual innocent victims, and I’m sure there are some, my heart goes out to them. They truly are innocent victims.

  5. The Contarian says:

    Rabbi Rsenblum wrote
    “Even the number of Moslems killed by Tamil guerillas in Sri Lanka is much greater. But these Moslem deaths merit no attention, no outcry.”

    Actually, the civll war in Sri Lanka pits Sinhalese Bhuddists against Hindu Tamil Guerillas. I doubt that there were vety many Moslems klled there

    If one wants to talk about Moselm civilians being killed in South Asia, one must go to India specifically Kashmir where the Indian Army is engagd in supressing a Muslim push for independence/greater autonomy. I am not suprised that Rabbi Rosenblum did not mention India as India presently is a good friend of Israel.

  6. tzippi says:

    Re comment 4, that Hamas is crying uncle in agreeing to a cease fire: not on the terms they want, and not as long as they consider a cease fire merely a hudna, i.e. time to regroup for the next round.

  7. Leah says:

    Yes, Tzippi, unfortunately I have to agree with you. I sarcastically think of the bumper sticker that reads: “keep honking, I’m reloading!” I think of this with regards to the horrible yet constant ongoing battle that our brothers and sisters are going thru in Israel. They, Hamas, want to reload. A cease fire is a verifiable weapon used by the perpatrators of murder to reload- plain and simple. It gives them time to set up.
    To look at Ban Ki Moon’s face and know that he really, truly thinks that Israel is at fault is like watching a nightmare in motion. The majority of the media that points all pictures and or other various forms of media in the favor of the murderers is baffling.
    We, as a whole nation as one need to daven to Hashem for help. We need to look at ourselves and make ammends for our mistakes and make even small changes for the better especially if Hamas is “reloading.”

  8. jonathanbrosenblum says:

    The Contrarian is right that there are not that many Moslems in Sri Lanka, but they are 8% of the population and they were specifically targeted by the Tamil rebels. Steven Plaut, University of Haifa economics professor, has written extensively about the way that the media completely ignored the simultaneously bloodletting in Sri Lanka while giving saturation coverage to the Gaza war. Information on Moslem casualties is based on his writing, which I have always found to be solidly based in fact.

  9. L. Oberstein says:

    With the advantage of hindsight, I realize more now than a week ago the miraculous results of the Gaza War. Hamas boasted that many Jewish soldiers would die in their booby trapped homes, they egged them on with promises of much death. In the end, there were so few causualties on the Israeli side. Like the plane landing in the Hudson, you can tie it to skill and luck or to Divine Help. Sure, some people say Israel left too soon, that Issrael should have sought out the Hamas leadership hiding under the hospital. Would it have been worth the casualties? I guess the Israelis decided not. I hope that there is more to the story than we know, that there is real determination not to let Hamas re arm. What will happen when the missles resume? Haaretz says it was an Israeli disaster, see Gideon Levy’s column. I hope he is totally off the mark.

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