Finding the Silver Lining in the Meltdown

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5 Responses

  1. cvmay says:

    Has any good come from this financial failure? One organization suprisingly has seen a benefit from this global disaster, and is reporting non-stop phone calls. Nefesh B’nefesh the premier organization that assists families and individuals plan aliyah to Israel has reported increased calls for applications, information, & help due to the U.S. financial collapse.

    Interesting…… When a father* (hashem) desperately desires his children*(bnei yisroel) to return home, any strategy (tachbula) will be tried. Do you think this one may work? Wishes for a speedy geulah!

  2. Ori says:

    Cvmay, that is interesting. I’d have expected the flow to be in the reverse direction. The Israeli economy is likely to suffer a lot worse than the US.

  3. evanstonjew says:

    Here is a basic principle …it is better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor.Poverty, like poor health, is a human tragedy that outweighs any externalities such as an increase in bitachon. The gnawing anxiety about the future, the terrible pathos of seeing one’s children go hungry, the constant race to find new gemachs takes away the simple joys of life.Why anyone would preach a sermon about the benefits of poverty or even the virtues of seeing one’s life savings diminish by 40% is beyond me.

  4. TheDunder says:

    When you write about the vulnerability of the hareidi community and the new vulnerability of the kollel system, we need to separate unavoidable vulnerability and self-imposed vulnerability.

    People in kollel are able-bodied, healthy people (for the most part), and therefore can work. We should be encouraging philanthropists to cut back on sending money to kollels in these harsh economic times and send consistent money to people who absolutely need the charity (you know, like children with cancer or people without legs). If philanthropist were to start understanding this reality and if people in kollel were to begin putting things in perspective, this economic crisis should not hurt the people who really need the money.

  5. anonymous says:

    Yes, I believe it will work. I believe like many jews that as we are in the chevelei moshiach that this particular financial situation is a sign from Hashem to (return home).
    It is time to learn more Torah, as well.

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