Maimonides’ Microscope

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5 Responses

  1. Charlie Hall says:

    “nothing less than the Biblical commandment to love G-d is fulfilled when a person investigates nature and, struck by its intricacy and beauty, is filled with awe and gratitude to the Divine.”

    I agree. This is one reason why I became a scientist!

    “while there are many scientists (like astrophysicists Fred Hoyle, Paul Davies and Arno Penzias, to name a few of the most famous) who maintain their human sense of wonder at the world and see purpose in nature”

    Interestingly, Hoyle never accepted the “Big Bang” theory that is now supported by overwhelming evidence, the most important of which was Penzias co-discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

  2. lacosta says:

    one of my favorite t-shirts is the one with vayomer hashem—
    and then it lists the Maxwell equations— and then continues vayehi ohr.
    hopefully the experiments at CERN will show more charm, beauty, and who knows what other particles, that the RBSO utilized in the yesh meayin process that made the Big Bang….

  3. Lawrence M. Reisman says:


    The shirt with “Vyomer Hashem” does not have Maxwell’s equations. It has Einstein’s special relativity equations and the resulting E=MC2. Look again. There is a sweatshirt with Maxwell’s equations, but it’s in English; its says “and God said” the equations, “and there was light.” All very interesting, since Maxwell’s equations deal with electricity and not light. Oh well.

  4. Benjamin E. says:

    Lawrence – the equations deal with electric and magnetic fields, and light is an electromagnetic wave (i.e., is comprised of oscillating electric and magnetic wave components that are fields defined by Maxwell’s equations). So indeed, it turns out, Maxwell’s equations are the basis for light!

  5. Charlie Hall says:

    I’ve seen a “Vaoymer HaShem” t-shirt that is as lacosta describes.

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