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4 Responses

  1. elana says:

    Rabbi, I was taught the answer to your question as a teenager by my great-aunt AH, an Auschwitz survivor whose husband and child perished in an act of unpeakable cruelty. She had a great yiddish expression, Torat Immecha, about a cow that gave milk every day, but when she tipped over the milk container, she got attention. At work, I hear ten “atta boys” are wiped out by ….

    The news this week is about more milk on the ground, and not by accident; worse yet there is no outrage. Forget the guilty, sin is a fact of life; when it is justified, or even left alone, a society must worry.

  2. Eli Turkel says:

    I agree that we have a generation of many talmudic scholars who know shas and poskim inside out. They also give brilliant shiurim. However, I am more doubtful of scholars who are truly innovative with chiddushim that argue against previous generations. There is a stress in yeshivot on quantity but less on independent thinking

  3. Jonathan Rosenblum says:

    Eli, come with me to Rabbi Ariev Ozer’s Shabbos afternoon shiur, and let’s see if you still think that the yeshivos are not producing original thinkers today. And he is far from alone.

  4. Jewish Observer says:

    I love this piece. Your preface really hit thespot. It ecellently articulates the context needed to properly understand your pieces and not overly criticize the criticizer-commender.

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