Good Things Happen

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3 Responses

  1. David says:

    “Missiles can fail. And work accidents can happen. And, if we are deserving, they will.” Does that mean that when the missiles don’t fail and the work accidents don’t happen, and Jews are injured or killed (as happens throughout history with astonishing frequency), that’s because we are unworthy?

    What kind of miracle spares a few dozen Jews from a lunatic’s grenades while 6,000,000 others die?

    Is it so unreasonable to have a slightly higher standard than this for what constitutes a “miracle?”

  2. One Christian's perspective says:

    “In our day, open miracles do not occur. According to the Jewish religious tradition, direct Divine intervention to turn what we call nature on its head ended in Biblical times. Still perceptible, though, in even our less holy times are more subtle Heavenly intrusions, twists of “fate” that might wrongly be dismissed as mere coincidence.

    The celebrated Jewish Sage known as the Vilna Gaon is said to have once been asked about a verse in Psalms that calls on the nations of the world to praise G-d: “What sort of special praise can other nations offer that we Jews cannot?” His response: Only those among the nations who hate us know of the secret plans they crafted to harm us that failed to come to fruition.” -Filed by Avi Shafran

    I am not sure I understand the meaning of open miracles as Rabbi Shafran mentions…..but, I am praising G-d and remembering how Denmark saved most of her Jewish population and how neighboring Sweden took them in. This in the midst of German occupation in Denmark whose national religion was Lutheran. How G-d worked this rescue out in the hearts and minds of all these people is a mystery but, nevertheless, it was a miracle.

    Looking further back, I readily admit my knowledge of history is not very good because , alas, I have never had a strong interest in history like my Dad did. However, I suspect that the celebrated Jewish Sage had a vivid recall of history from both the past and the present and that prompted his comment. I can only speak for myself and a circle of friends who I know well who do indeed praise G-d regularly and in great gratitude for the Jewish people and one rabbi in particular. How we long to wrap our arms around you in love…..but, in hesitation we sense your fear of wrong motives. Without being discouraged, we raise our voices to G-d who did and is very able to perform miracles, yes even today. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and your protection even though, most of us are not zionists. We pray out of love to the G-d who has preserved you – a small nation – ….we pray for His will to be done in your lives and that He would be glorified. And as I write this, I realize that He is glorified because of the miracle of your preservation even today.

    The beauty and awe of answered prayers is seeing how G-d chose to answer them, knowing His way is best, His wisdom is perfect, His timing is never early or late. Miracles are seen through G-d’s eyes as He graciously reveals them to our heart.

  3. Ori says:

    An open miracle would be one that will be recognized as such by somebody who does not believe in G-d. Gnats taking over Egypt (Exodus 8:19), for example, or an Aramean general being cured (II Kings 5:17).

    The Danish rescue of the Jews was not such a miracle. An Atheist can attribute it to the morality of the Danish fishers and be intellectually honest. Not because we can prove it was not a miracle, but because we cannot prove that it was. G-d sees fit that we won’t have open miracles in this period in history. We don’t know why, but He must have His reasons, and they must be good ones.

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