Teaching Truth

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  1. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    A number of years ago we were asked to take an English-speaking young couple as guests who wanted a Shabbos experience on a yishuv. He had learned in MTJ and she was a Beis Yaakov graduate, with some college, working at something or other, don’t remember exactly what. Anyway, she once had an interview for a job with a polygraph test included. It was not even possible to get a baseline on her with a simple question such as name etc. She was probably thinking English or Hebrew name, full name, whatever. They told her, we know about the religious girls, you’re not a thief, no problem with the polygraph. There is a whole class of people so imbued with mussar that the very thought of telling less than the full truth makes them so uneasy as to ruin a lie-detector test. I submit that this is a kiddush hashem.

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