The Soloveitchik Chumash – New Volume Released

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3 Responses

  1. joel rich says:

    An important note IMHO from another review:

    While one could skim these works, they are better suited for thoughtful perusal.  As Robert Louis Stevenson said,”One who goes touring on foot with a single volume in his knapsack reads with circumspection, pausing often to reflect, and often laying the book down to contemplate the landscape or the prints in the inn parlour; for he fears to come to an end of his entertainment, and be left companionless on the last stages of his journey.”


  2. lacosta says:

    it would seem that the passage  on ‘chok’  would be a fitting coda to r shafran’s piece on holiness

  3. dr. bill says:

    Another important work by Prof. Kaplan, reconstructing The Rav ztl’s lectures of 65 years ago on Moreh Nevuchim, based on student’s 350 pages of notes has (finally) just appeared (part two yet to come).  Unlike Dr. Lustiger’s chumashim, it contains not carefully assembled insights but thematically organized discussions on critical areas.

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