Talk to the Snakes

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6 Responses

  1. cvmay says:

    It has always been quite fashionable to desire martyrdom from the Jewish people, ‘the Jews holy blood will cleanse the world’, enough of this nonsense, it is a veiled script for “JEWISH BLOOD IS CHEAP”.

  2. Ori says:

    Historically, there is one kind of peace activism that actually worked – the kind that created Pax Romana. Israel had two major wars, but for Israel an average of one war per century is low.

  3. Nachum Klafter says:

    What is most disturbing about this whole thing to me is not the double standard for Israel, or the foolish suggestion that we can just “make friends with our enemies”, or calling Israel a snake pit, and not even the linkage from Israel to all Jews.

    The truly frightening part of his piece is that he thinks that the Jews are going to “destroy humanity”.

    He thinks we are evil. It is the most basic and viscious hatred of Am Yisrael. It is worse than militant Islam. It is halakha she-Eisav sone es Yaakov. It is Amalek. He sees all the problems of the world as stemming from us.

  4. LOberstein says:

    Catholics also have this concept of suffering as something positive, they “admire” our suffering as it cleanses us. Different cultures see life through different lenses. Indians burn their dead, the son lights the fire. I think that another factor of this discussion is what effect the modernization of the Indian economy will have on their “hashkofos’ their religious/social value system. India will soon be a world economic power house and Indians will play a major role on the world stage. Will they retain Ghandis values or will they become secular hedonists? Only time will tell.

  5. Jacob Haller says:

    Regarding the possible dichotomy expressed in LOberstein’s comment

    “Will they retain Ghandis values or will they become secular hedonists?”

    India’s close ties to Israel due to a common enemy (Radical Islam) at least for the time-being indicates that pragmatism trumps the noxious smoke pipe dreams of types like Ghandi.

    I’m less concerned over the musings of some nobody like Arun Ghandi than I am over many members of the Jewish people who with souls devoid of Torah just might let his silly ramblings sink in via osmosis.

    Just in case anyone is interested in historical anecdotes to defuse someone of Ghandi’s ilk challenging the Jewish People’s place among humanity a couple of answers might suffice

    1. Why did Mohandess Ghandi during his stay in South Africa and his fight for equal rights for the Indians residing there REJECT the idea that the native Black Africans should do the same for their own? He apparently held them in contempt and did not consider them worthy of self-governance. A detail expediently omitted from the 1982 eponomously titled movie about the man.

    2. Why did Ghandi reject overturning the caste system in India which dictates the status of people from birth? So if your born to a family of “untouchables” your fate is to clean sewers for a living?

    This among other anecdotes indicates that the man’s philosophy was inherently corrupt, hypocritical and disconnected from anything outside of his own self interests.

  6. Charles B. Hall says:

    It looks like the comments may have cost the younger Gandhi his job:,7340,L-3499184,00.html

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