The Avinu-Malkenu Paradox, Resolved

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  1. MP says:

    Beautiful thought!

    If I could add one minor n’qudah (point): on YhK, we are striving to reach the spiritual heights of angels (leaving our physical needs behind; marked by saying “Baruch Sheim” out loud; etc.), and at the angelic level of reality, there is only Adonay. Still human, still in this world, but at the peak of those heights, we recognize the unity of the different attributes behind the different names by stating “H’ Hu haEloqim!” out loud. (BTW, this point works better according to the Minhag Ashk’naz with which I grew up: “H’ Hu haEloqim!” out loud 7x, each time more emphatic than the previous one; “Shma’ Yisrael H’ Eloqeinu H’ Echad” once, immediately followed by a soft recitation of “Baruch Sheim”: we’ve completed our recognition of His unity, but we’re back to being human and to acting upon our recognition here in this world.)

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