Getting to the Soul of L’Affaire Feldman

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6 Responses

  1. Nachum Lamm says:

    “…my only real disagreement with R. Lamm was that I didn’t think the article was well written at all.”

    I think R’ Lamm, k’darko bakodesh, was being polite. 🙂

  2. Norm Depalma says:

    Nice try Rabbi. You make some good points. But you are not properly cynical. Feldman’s article is no cri de couer; it is a cri de CAREER.

    Reread the article and Feldman’s other publications. You are crediting him with a spiritual core that he has long lost if you believe that his motivations are not simply to publish, to advance his career, to get attention.

  3. joel rich says:

    Why Feldman’s inner turmoil has taken the form of lashing out in this most public and damaging of forums, while others who have made similar life choices seem to be content with just abandoning our people and faith, I don’t know. But I do know that this level of energy and attention – as we were all taught as children – is a sure sign of interest and continued connection.

    Perhaps, or it could be his version of Haman’s lament in Esther 5:13 -“Yet all this availeth me nothing, so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate.” I hope he does tshuva as well but in addition as I wrote for local consumption:

    My general reaction was that Prof Feldman’s article should serve as an
    opportunity for those of us in the Modern Orthodox world to give serious consideration to the dynamic balance required in our grappling with modernity through the sole prism of Torah. My specific reaction was that Shakespeare got it right when he had King Claudius state:”It shall be so:Madness in great ones must not unwatch’d go.” (Hamlet 3:1-Hat Tip -Rabbi L Dulitz)


  4. Steve Brizel says:

    Yasher Koach to R D Gottlieb on another excellent article. IMO, this article eloquently points out that Feldman ( as well as some of his Charedi and MO critics) fail to understand that the key to being a committed MO Jew is to have a college education and identify in heart, mind and deed with Torah and Mitzos and be able to learn Torah at the highest possible level. As a corollary, one must live with doubts on difficult halachic and hashkafic issues,rather than by ersatz solutions that create their own set of problems.

  5. Loberstein says:

    “Rabbi L Dulitz”
    Thanks for reminding me of my rebbi in MTA. He was the epitome of Torah Umadah, Talmud and Shakespere. Do they still have people like that at MTA?

  6. joel rich says:

    Loberstein ,
    He was for sure one of a kind (even though R’ Dr. Goldstein Z”L also gave shiur and taught English Lit and had his own idiosyncrasies )and I say that with the love and respect of a gemara talmid for 2.5 years and a year as a student in english. BTW he lives down in Florida now and might enjoy a call from former talmidim on whom he had an impact.

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