Monsey Poultry Close-out

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2 Responses

  1. Baruch Horowitz says:

    “Those who are not ready to work towards real change – which is perfectly understandable – should then ask themselves whether they are really parties to the dispute, or participating in someone else’s battle”

    There can perhaps be something in between as well. If one wants to discuss an issue which is on people’s minds and put it in perspective, I think that it would be acceptable, even if a person doesn’t get involved in askanus. But the forum is important, and the example of a group meeting with a Rav,even for just discussion, sounds like a more ideal step.

    I thought of similar point when I saw letters going back and forth in a Jewish newspaper a few years ago about “in-towners” saying or not saying “gut Shabbos” to strangers. One extreme letter-writer stereotyped an entire neighborhood of people as being “hypocrites”. I thought that this attitude was worse than not greeting people properly(full disclosure: I live in New York 🙂 ). The writer that made the most sense was the one who mentioned that she started an e-mail campaign to bring the issue to consciousness. But even if one doesn’t get involved to that level, one can still bring a positive perspective to that issue, as well as to similar ones.

  2. SephardiLady says:

    How does a person with experience in internal controls and audits that might be able to share ideas even get involved?

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