Having received enough complaints, please allow me to clarify — no one at Cross-Currents saw the ad for Sam Harris’ book before it went up. I got an email with an ad text which was more innocuous than the current version, along with a letter offering a review copy of the book (which I immediately requested). What I received looked appropriate.

Given that I was at a two-day conference on the Wednesday and Thursday preceding Rosh HaShanah, I did not have time to login and view the ad graphic before it was automatically approved by blogads after a 72-hour period.

Because of the complaints, I just noticed that the text of the ad as displayed is not the same as what was submitted for approval — it uses language inappropriate for Cross-Currents. Therefore I have deferred the ad pending a corrrection — but I don’t think I can require them to change the graphic. It’s not actually a full religious symbol because of the base beneath it, etc. etc.

My apologies for an ad that gives the cross in Cross-Currents a new meaning. Actually, it’s not new, we’ve joked about it since day 1…. In any case, I shall certainly endeavor to be more careful in the future. And I hope to review the book eventually as well.

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  1. September 28, 2006

    […] Gil Student sent me a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal, which discusses the provocative advertising by Sam Harris to sell his book. […]

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