The Chofetz Chaim and the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem

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8 Responses

  1. Ori Pomerantz says:

    If I were the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, and had a family and a congregation the Hamas can easily get to, I might be towing the Hamas party line too. I guess I’m either a hatred filled idiot or a coward.

  2. Ahron says:

    >“Just what does the good bishop suffer from? A surfeit of hatred? A deficit of intelligence? Warped religion? All three?”

    All three I imagine, plus a healthy dose of fear. It’s not angry Jews who’ll go around decapitating uppity Anglicans after all…

  3. Barzilai says:

    If religious leaders chose sides on that basis, then maybe, in the war to win the world’s hearts and minds, we should start sharpening our knives.

  4. Dannel R. Ballesteros says:

    Dear Rabbi:
    I did not know that the Anglican Church had appointed a Christian Palestinian to the high office. I have been very sympathetic for Palestianian Christians caught in the cross-fire because I know an Israelite soldier could not distinguish between a Hamas(or a Hizbolla) Palestinian and a Christian one.From reading your article I must opologize for the Christian Church at large, but particularly the Anglicans. I will write to the Archbishop in England to see if he will remove this Bishop in Jerusalem from office.(I know one letter is not going to do anything, but I do believe in God, and He will remove him! I support Israel in any way I can. My Grandmother as a child told me [“Mijito(little son in Spanish)has una buen obra ha los Judios y Dios te va a bendicir”] Much later when I was a teen-ager I fully understood her advice. Genesis 12:3 Continue the good work,


  5. Roman Catholic says:

    The double standard the Arab Christian leaders assume for themselves is infuriating. The outbreak of the latest intifada has motivated the mainline Protestant denominations to be more understanding of Islam and Muslims, to be more willing to reach out to these as interfaith partners. I can’t think of a case where Jewish interfaith partners of these denominations have been consulted in this move nor can I think of a case where religious Jewish leaders have registered a formal grievance.

  6. Jerome Walfish says:

    Should the good Bishop get his wish, just how often, and how much will it cost him to walk the stations of the cross at Xmas? There was a young lady from Niger… you get the rest.

  7. Iain Foxell an Anglican. says:

    ‘Liberal”bishops annoy me.Trying to please everybody and standing for everything and dividing their own faithful people!Judgement waits for all mankind.

  1. January 12, 2007

    […] A tale that I thought was worth spreading a little, excerpted from a post at Cross-Currents:  An elderly Jew, well into his eighties, applied for a passport. He came accompanied by two people who knew him well, and could identify him. The clerk turned down his application, demanding a birth certificate. Now, such certificates had only been introduced in that country many decades after the birth of the aged applicant, a fact that he immediately pointed out. The clerk responded contemptuously, “Well then. Just go back to your town and bring two witnesses who were around when you were born.” […] He didn’t simply dismiss the Jew, or express his intense hatred for him, but announced that logic was not a commodity that one wished to squander on sub-human Jews. […]

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